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Tyre Brands

To ensure your maximum driving pleasure, Solitaire supply and fit a wide range of tyre brands to suit every model across our range.

Continental Tyres Michelin Tyres Dunlop Tyres Goodyear Tyres Pirelli Tyres
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Wheel Alignment

Over time, bumps, pot-holes and contact with kerbs can all alter your car's wheel alignment, and lessen the tyres ability to maintain optimum contact with the road surface. It's important to have your wheel alignment checked at least every twelve months to maintain factory settings and tyre responsiveness in an emergency.

Solitaire Service can help you with:

  • Safety Incorrect wheel alignment reduces your car's grip on the road.
  • Tyre Life Uneven wear patterns resulting from poor wheel alignment.
  • Handling Solitaire's vehicles are renowned for a smooth & responsive feel.